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Stomach Sleeper PillowStomach pillow The Healthy

The best and most unique stomach sleeper pillow for sale today.  It's original design and patent gives The Healthy Pillow a type of comfort you won't find in any other stomach pillow.  Our design is orthopedically correct for stomach sleepers.  Sleeping comfortably as a "Stomach sleeper" isn't a problem anymore


 Anti Snoring Sleep Apnea stomach pillowanti snore pillow The Healthy Pillow

Do you snore?  Do you suffer from O.S.A. sleep apnea?  If so, it's likely you suffer from tongue obstruction.  Are you looking for a nonsurgical answer for your problem?  The Healthy Pillow stomach sleeper pillow offers a solution to people who snore.  Read more


 Lower your blood pressure with a Stomach Pillowlow blood pressure The Healthy Pillow

Did you know that almost all stomach sleepers experience lower blood pressure during the course of sleep.  The Healthy Pillow gives stomach sleepers the comfort for a better quality sleep.  The sleep study is "Here".  The Facts do matter.